Range Fees and Membership

New archer orientations available on the hour, every hour.
Private lessons are required for children 3 to11 and must be sceduled in advance.  Moms who bring the family to shoot, shoot for free.

Range Fees & Membership

  • Range Fee
  • Equipment Rental
  • $15/hr-ReCurve
    • bow, 3 x arrows, arm guard and finger ta
  • $30/hr-Compound
    • Bow, 3 Arrows, Release, Arm Guard
  • New Archer Orientation**
    5 min safety briefing and basics of shooting.
    Mandatory for walk-in newbies.
    Minimum age 14 years old (without parent or guardian).
    (Archers age 5 - 11 years old are required to book a private or group lesson before using the range. Please contact us for archers younger than 8 years old)  

  • Basic Individual Membership***

  • Academy Memberships*** 
    Includes Access to Leagues, JOAD / AAP and other Programs
    • Individual
    • Family
    • Individual, w/Equipment
    • Family, w/Equipment
**New Archer Orientation is for any person who has never tried archery before. It is not a lesson. It is a short tutorial with a USA Archery certified instructor or coach who teaches safety, the basic steps of shooting, and how to shoot safely with other people in an archery range. Orientations are given on the hour, every hour.

We put safety first, and want our new and existing patrons to always have a good experience at White Mountain Archery. With this in mind, the New Archer Orientation is required for all new archers - no exceptions. Please turn cell phones to silent or vibrate and do not use while on the range.


Basic Membership Benefits 

  • Access to the range, whenever open at discounted rates*
  • VIP access when busy 
  • Access to member events
  • Loyalty points on all product purchases

Academy Membership Benefits 

  • Access to the range, whenever open* at discounted rates
  • Free Range Access during Happy Hour Schedule.
  • Access to JOAD / AAP (USA Archery membership also required)
  • VIP access when busy 
  • Access to member events
  • Family membership includes the use of up to 4 lanes at a time
  • Loyalty points on all product purchases

Things to know:

All archers will be asked to sign a waiver, which will be kept on file. Walk in lessons are not available. Walk in orientations are welcome. No pets allowed except service animals. No food in the range. Feel free to eat in the waiting or bow tech areas. Feel free to bring us a snack anytime. Please do not come behind the counters. No, you cannot shoot two arrows at once. Yes, you can share a lane...but not with  whole family. Only two alternating archers per lane, max. No crossbows (Except on Crossbow night or during scheduled crossbow league times). No broad-heads. ~ Jeremy