Archery Lessons/Classes

Intro To Archery
This introductory lesson will give you a basic understanding of the basics of archery. This is a lesson for someone who has an interest in archery and has never shot before, or is getting back into archery after years.  Ages for this class are 8 to adult.  Whether you are an aspiring Olympian, Hunter or just looking for a new backyard family sport, this is your place to get started.
Cost: $90.00
Equipment: Provided
Prerequisites: None

6-Week Beginner Archery-Archery 101
This six week program is designed to introduce you to the basics. Each week we introduce a new aspect of technique that will help you establish a solid foundation for your shot.

Cost: $175 for 6 weeks
Equipment: Provided
Prerequisites: Intro to Archery and/or Archery Assessment

6-Week Intermediate Archery-Archery 102
This program is for students who have previously taken the 101 lessons. We will begin to prepare you to shoot in tournaments and leagues with the confidence of a champion. A minimum score is required to take this course.
Cost: $180 for 6 weeks
Equipment: Bring Your Own
Prerequisites: Archery 101

16 Week Archery Hunting Program
This program is for those who are looking to Hunt with their bow or crossbow.  This is an extensive in depth course that includes all facets of hunting and is catered to the individual. We will prepare you to hunt and shoot with confidence. You will learn a wide variety of Archery hunting applications from Tree Stands, Ground Blind, to Spot & Stalk Techniques. You will learn safety practices, how to properly use and hang a tree-stand, proper harness use, shooting lane creation, and even some habitat management.  You will be able to efficiently navigate through the wilderness, call in wild game, build a shelter in case of an emergency, and track both blood trails and animals for harvesting

Cost: Call or stop in for Price
Equipment: You must provide your own Equipment or use rent equipment
Prerequisites: Instructor Permission and Assesment

Junior Olympic Archery Development/Adult Archery Achievement
Come enjoy a night of archery with friends and fun! Develop your skills in a fun environment and score for achievement awards!
Cost: $25 per session (or $12.50 per session for members)
Equipment: bring your own
Prerequisites: Archery 102 "passing score"