Far From Ordinary

Customer Service and Quality were once valued in the sporting industry. A customer actually came first, and the service provided was top notch. Somehow the focus on the customer took a backseat to sales. Anyone can walk into a big box store and get products that are like those you will find on our shelves, but those products will not be the exact same and they will not come with the level of customer service and support that you will get from White Mountain Archery.
The lack of customer service has become ordinary. It is common to walk into a store and get limited assistance with choosing the products that are right for you. The desire to make sure that you’re getting the right product has been lost. It is now ordinary to pick up a product and walk out of the store knowing little about it. It’s now ordinary to get a product knowing that once you buy it, that's it...there will be very little support for that product. It’s now ordinary to feel like you’re on your own if you have a problem with something you buy. It’s now ordinary to buy a bow and have to watch countless hours of You Tube videos to learn to use it and/or figure out why its not doing what it’s supposed to.
Here at White Mountain Archery we are FAR FROM ORDINARY! Here you will get top notch customer service and support for everything you buy. Though we are often busy and you may have to wait for us to finish with another customer, because we treat every customer like they are the only customer. We want your buying experience to be a good one and we want you to know that you are getting true value out of every dollar you spend. Whether you are buying a new bow for yourself or your loved ones, slinging arrows down our range, or came in to look around to see what we have to offer, we want you to have fun and enjoy the experience.
We are FAR FROM ORDINARY because every bow that we sell comes with a Made in the USA, full set up, paper tuning, is sited in at 20 yards so that you can walk out the door shooting bullseyes at 20 yards, and have great warranties and service plan options. We are FAR FROM ORDINARY because we don’t just sell you a bow, we provide you with tools that you need to become the best that you can be with that bow. Whether its for your 3 year old son or daughter or for yourself, every bow comes with a lesson. We are FAR FROM ORDINARY because you can call us anytime and we will do whatever we can to help you, guide you, and support you, whether you made the purchase from us or someone else...we are here for you. We are FAR FROM ORDINARY because ordinary shouldn’t be the norm.